Incident 04

Designation: The Thule Incident
Point of Origin: Unknown alternate universe currently designated “Thule”

The Thule Incident was caused by the recklessness of SHIELD scientist Dr. Philip Lawson. Dr. Lawson investigated ancient Kree-Inhuman archaeological sites, seeking the ancient city of Attilan. Instead, he found a completely different place; the city of Thule, a place of madness that HYDRA has sought and revered for thousands of years.

In doing so, Lawson very nearly unleashed Shuma-Gorath and its horde of worshipers upon this world. The Ultimates, unfortunately, were off-world at the time on a field mission to Earth-462, so SHIELD Director Fury deployed the Avengers and ultimately sanctioned the entire site with the Helicarrier’s main gaussian cannon.

While there are at times questions raised about the ethics and hazards of the Exploration Corps and the potential for “picking fights and waking up monsters” by travelling the multiverse, ARMOR does not exhibit the sort of careless and reckless behavior that caused this incident. If we had been consulted instead of this being treated entirely like a SWORD project, this incident would have likely been avoided.

At this time, it is believed there was only one gate to the Thule dimension and Shuma-Gorath has lost access to this Earth. For now.

Incident 04

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