Incident 03

Designation: Refugee Crisis
Point of Origin: Earth-501

After the Exploration Corps briefly visited Earth-501, the diverse residents of that world were able to reverse engineer our location and a way to arrive on our world.

They created a portal that opened twenty miles outside Iqaluit, Canada, and refugees began pouring out into the frozen tundra. It was only faced with the impression that perhaps our world was entirely a harsh arctic wasteland that stymied the tide of desperate refugees and stalled it long enough for the Ultimates to arrive.

The Ultimates arrived on the scene, and negotiated with the refugees impromptu leader, Gwen Stacy (on her world, the super-hero Spider-Woman). They agreed to let the people who had already come here stay, but no further refugees would be permitted at this time, and that ARMOR would work with scientists on Earth-501 on longer term solutions to their problems than simply population redistribution onto our world.

ARMOR is looking at other, uninhabited Earths as possible colonization sites for Earth-501, as well as sharing space-fold technology with Earth-501’s top scientists to allow them to better utilize what limited space they already have.

Gwen Stacy chose to stay here, and join the Ultimates, as part of the deal.

Incident 03

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