Incident 02

Designation: The Parliament Incursion
Point of Origin: Unknown

Several months after our first Incursion Incident, the Ultimates had their first real test as a portal was detected in the Australian outback. The Ultimates were deployed, and encountered an individual fleeing through the desert. This person, who we identified to be Dr. Henry Pym from an unknown parallel Earth, attempted to beseech the Ultimates for help.

Before the Ultimates could obtain more information, two individuals arrived through a second portal that we later have learned are Archons in service to the Parliament. They demanded the Ultimates hand over Pym, and when James Rhodes refused to do so without more information, they attacked the Ultimates.

In the ensuing battle, one of the Archons was destroyed and Pym was killed. The other Archon departed, seeming to have accomplished its mission. We attempted to study the Archon’s remains to the best of our abilities, but it seemed to have failsafes in place to destroy its own technology.

It is unclear what transgression against the Parliament that Pym committed, or what blowback this Incursion may have on ARMOR or this world in the future.

Incident 02

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