Incident 01

Designation: Synthezoid Attack
Point of Origin: Earth-209

The first Incursion Incident happened as a result of the Exploration Corps’ first mission into an alternate world. The Synthezoids of Earth-209 studied and reverse-engineered technology left behind by causalities of the Exploration Corps field team, and found a way to create a portal to our world months later.

This portal, thankfully, had to connect directly to the Holepunch in ARMOR HQ, which is already a well-guarded and secure facility. The Synthezoids sent only a small vanguard of troops and were attacked immediately on sight.

They were defeated by ARMOR base security and the Exploration Corps, and their portal closed. Counter-measures were put into place to prevent that specific kind of incident from happening again.

However, this incident also led to Director Jones justifying to SHIELD Director Fury the need for the Ultimates as a response unit to incursions like these, as not only is it possible the Synthezoids will return, but other multiversal threats may arrive in the future.

Incident 01

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