Real Name: Marcus Milton
Nationality: American
Age: 31
Marcus Milton grew up in rural Iowa. A small-town farmboy, he longed to move to the big city and as a teenager, aspired to go into journalism. When he was still in high school, however, his powers manifested. He found himself getting increasingly strong, to a superhuman extent. He realized he simply could not be injured by any means he could discover. He gained new spectra of vision, allowing him to see into the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum and even seemingly view through solid objects. He found he could project rays of super-heated energy from his eyes. Eventually, his ability to leap over tall buildings in a single jump turned into outright ability to fly.
When he confessed to his parents about his abilities, they told him that they were not actually his biological parents; that they had been driving along the highway one night and a bolt of light, like a meteor, struck down from the sky into a nearby field. The Miltons investigated the impact site, and found an infant. Deciding to keep the child for themselves, they named him Marcus and concealed his origins. The Miltons assumed Marcus was an alien, although they found no crashed ship or other evidence to support this idea.
Teenaged Marcus came to conclude that he must have been the last of his kind, sent away from his world by his biological parents, likely due to some kind of calamity befalling his homeworld. He arrived at this narrative based largely on the idea that if there were others like him out there, or his biological parents still lived, that they would come looking for him. Since they never did, he stuck to his assumption.
The idea that he is an alien changed Marcus. It altered his outlook on life, humanity, and how he fits in with the world. It made him feel isolated, alone, and generally depressed, until he decided that he’ll give himself purpose by using his powers to protect his adopted homeworld.
When he was in college, Marcus tried becoming a costumed super-hero, and named himself Hyperion. SHIELD quickly became aware of Milton’s super-heroics, and trying to conceal the existence of extranormal people from the public, they quickly recruited Milton and and made him a secret agent. His story, of being the last survivor of a doomed alien race, was never taken seriously by SHIELD. Nonetheless, his powers are real, and he’s become an important asset to Hank Pym’s Avengers.

Origin: My Alien Heritage – Marcus believes he is the last survivor of an alien race, and this impacts how he looks at the rest of humanity.
Drive: Protect – Marcus has chosen to protect humanity and Earth as his personal reason for being.

Bold: +1
Careful: -1
Clever: +0
Forceful: +2
Quick: +1
Subtle: +0

Power Summary: Superhuman strength; super-speed; near invincibility; heat vision; x-ray vision; superhuman senses; supersonic flight; immune to most poison and disease; doesn’t need to breath, eat, or sleep; SHIELD field agent training

Power Profile
Simple: Shrug off bullets, fly at supersonic speed, lift a car over his head
Difficult: Punch holes in solid steel, blast en enemy with heat vision, see through solid objects with x-ray vision
Borderline: Rip a tank in half with his bare hands
Possible: Survive a nuclear bomb
Impossible: Fly or move at light-speed

Limitations: He requires the energy of sunlight to renew and maintain his powers. Each day he doesn’t spend at least an hour or two in direct sunlight reduces his powers. After a week with no sunlight, he loses his powers entirely until he can recharge again. His x-ray vision cannot see through lead or other dense metals. He has no special immunity to magic, and magic weapons and spells affect him as if he has no powers. His powers and belief he is an alien make it extremely hard to form lasting relationships (+2 Simple, +2 Difficult Powers on Power Profile, +3 Bond Points)

Bond Threshold: 10
SHIELD: +3. Marcus is an experienced SHILED agent who is well-regarded in the agency… even if nobody there really believes he’s an alien.
Flashback: +3. Marcus and Jenny are good friends. The fact that Jenny wishes it were more than friends tends to go over his head.
Nomad: -1. Marcus doesn’t like Alexi or respect him. He thinks Alexi shouldn’t be trusted, and that he’s some kind of Leviathan plant and his story about going rogue is a ruse.
Reflex: +2. Marcus and Reflex get along pretty well, and Marcus considers Reflex a friend. Unlike Alexi, he actually believes Reflex legitimately is no longer part of his past.
The Wasp: +2. Marcus is friends with Janet, and secretly he envies her ability to continue to be a costumed super-hero covertly.
Whisperer: +2. Marcus looks up to Whisperer, although he thinks sometimes the veteran agent is too brutal.
Hank Pym: -1. Marcus doesn’t especially like Hank, given that Hank told him to his face that he thinks Marcus’ alien heritage is nonsense.


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