Real name: Franklin Hall
Documented extranormal capabilities: Franklin Hall can mentally control the fundamental force of gravity itself. He is one of the most powerful and dangerous individuals on Earth.

Dr. Franklin Hall was a scientist for Reed Richards’ Future Foundation. Working on discovery of a theoretical particle he calls “Gravitonium”, Dr. Hall’s work was going to be shut down by Richards out of concern that if truly discovered and harnessed, Gravitonium would be too dangerous to the world.

Dr. Hall rejected this, and continued his work. He discovered what he claimed to be “Gravitonium” and subjected himself to “Gravitic Waves” to give him mastery of gravity.

Calling himself Graviton, Dr. Hall attacked the Future Foundation and attempted to kill Richards. The Fantastic Four defeated Graviton, one of the few instances where Dr. Richards and his group openly combated an extranormal threat. He escaped afterwards, however, as Reed had no way to contain his abilities and was unwilling to terminate Dr. Hall.

Graviton was later defeated by the combined forces of the Avengers, and is currently incarcerated by SHIELD. Analysis by SHIELD SCI-TEC has determined that the way Dr. Hall modified himself with “Gravitonium” has caused significant mental illness. Psychiatric counselling and medication has dramatically improved Dr. Hall’s rehabilitation, but he remains under the tightest possible security.


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