Freak of Nature

There are some people who are just born different. It might not be clear why, but their extranormal abilities don’t seem to have any specific origin beyond they were born this way. Some might claim that it’s genetics, and indeed that may be the case if they’re the direct descendant of someone else who was altered in some way, and they seem to have inherited their abilities or some derivative version of them. Others may claim they’re the next step in human evolution, even though that doesn’t seem to make a lot of logical sense in how evolution actually works.
There’s a few distinct ways a person could have such inborn powers, at least ones that are documented in some fashion.

The Descendant: You were born with your powers, because someone in your family tree (a parent, grand-parent, or even farther back) acquired these powers in some fashion. Whatever happened to them altered them genetically, and when they had children the abilities were passed down to their descendants. Your abilities might not be exactly like your ancestor’s, they might be some new mutation or derivative that lets you do things a little differently, or they might be exactly like those who came before. What age did you first manifest these abilities? Did your family know about it? How did they respond, if they did?
The Half-Breed: Similar to the above, you might be related at least in part to some creature of myth or some alien being. You’re not “pure-blooded” and are at least partly human, so the abilities you possess are likely not as potent as a “full-blooded” member of that race. But you might also lack the normal weaknesses or disadvantages of your full-blooded ancestry, and that could be a blessing in and of itself. See the section on “Otherworldly” for examples of the kinds of beings you might be partly descended from.
The Unknown: You don’t know why you can do the things you do. You just can. You may have always been able to do them from childhood or even birth, or this might be a recent change you’re struggling to understand. You can’t attribute it to any specific event or factor, which can make trying to understand it frustrating.

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Suggested Drives: Figure Out Who I Am, Prove Myself, Start Anew

Example Characters: Flashback, Blizzard, Quake, Blade, Living Laser

Freak of Nature

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