Founding of ARMOR

The Alternate Reality Monitoring and Operational Response Agency was founded in 1996 based on burgeoning research in the field of quantum mechanics being done by individuals like Reed Richards, Victor Von Doom, Stephen Hawking, and Jonathon Ohnn.

There were concerns within SHIELD’s hierarchy that theories about alternate realities could potentially prove to be true, and that these theories could present a threat to Earth.

For the first ten years of its existence, ARMOR was a purely theoretical division of SHIELD, operating entirely in secret as Nick Fury’s project known only to him and answerable only to him. ARMOR used its own internal Security Level system. For those first ten years, anyone below Level Theta did not even know that ARMOR was a division of SHIELD, thinking instead it was an independent NGO operating parallel to SHIELD in secret.

That changed in 2006, when Reed Richards broke the barrier.

ARMOR was already aware of Richards’ research thanks to intel coming from SHIELD sources within the Future Foundation, but was not fully aware of how successful Reed was going to be until he already was.

Richards and his three companions traveled to a place he dubbed the “Negative Zone” in the press, that he explained to be an alien world that was uninhabited. Literally both of these things are false (see the entry on Earth-N for more details).

This was a wake-up call for ARMOR, and it needed to mobilize. Its budget increased, and intel came from SHIELD on Richards’ technology that let him travel to the Negative Zone. Authorization was received to begin recruiting field agents and designing an exploratory device of its own. ARMOR refused to be caught on the backfoot, waiting for extra-dimensional invaders to come to this reality with hostile intent. Intel needed to be gathered, threats assessed and neutralized, and potential allies contacted.

In 2010, ARMOR finished construction of their own multiversal gateway based on a combination of Kree fold-gate technology obtained from SWORD and technology obtained from the Future Foundation by SHIELD intelligence.

After the first Incursion by the Synthezoids from Earth-209, SHIELD Director Fury authorized ARMOR Director Jones to create the Ultimates. They would act as a covert response force to any multiversal threats to our world.

Founding of ARMOR

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