Real name: Jennifer Monroe
Nationality: American
Age: 25
Jennifer Monroe’s grandfather, Gardner Monroe, was a costumed super-hero known as Flashback during World War II. A part of the wartime super-hero team known as the Invaders, Gardner had the ability to manipulate and control time itself. It’s not clear how Gardner came to possess the ability (at the time, he claimed it was from a “time belt” of his own invention). However, it clearly was some intrinsic power of his, because the ability was passed down to his granddaughter.
Jenny Monroe was 14 when she discovered she could manipulate time around her. Walking home from school, she was nearly struck by a car when her abilities activated, saving her from injury. She then used her powers to succeed in school and gymnastics, although she avoided trying to become a professional gymnast for fear her powers would be discovered.
When she was 19, she told her parents about her powers, and discovered the truth about her grandfather. Her father didn’t possess the same powers, as it seemingly skipped a generation.
Jennifer tried to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps for a time, becoming a costumed super-hero and calling herself Flashback. This led to her gaining SHIELD’s attention, and being recruited as part of the Avengers program.
Jenny is a highly-trained field agent and a skilled marksman. She’s used her abilities to practice and master skills that would otherwise take years to become proficient in. Deployed to Europe as part of Hank Pym’s Avengers team, she has stopped wearing a super-hero costume but still uses Flashback as her code-name.

Origin: My Legacy – Jennifer is trying to live up to her grandfather’s memory, even if she’s no longer a costumed super-hero.
Drive: Prove Myself – Jennifer wants really badly to be the best at what she does, and help people along the way.

Bold: +1
Careful: +1
Clever: +0
Forceful: +0
Quick: +2
Subtle: -1

Power Summary: Skilled gymnast; expert marksman; time manipulation; temporal teleportation; fast healing; SHIELD field agent training

Power Profile
Simple: Blink forward a short distance, dodge bullets
Difficult: Reverse a short period of time for herself to move to a previous position and state of health
Borderline: Perform tasks at super-speed by slowing down time for herself
Possible: Jump backwards in time a short period
Impossible: Jump forwards or backwards years in time

Limitations: Her powers only affect her, she can’t truly affect other people with her powers (can’t take anyone with her when she blinks, for example). Her powers make it occasionally difficult to fit in with others (+1 Simple Power on Power Profile, +6 Bond Points)

Bond Threshold: 13
SHIELD: +2. Jenny has been a SHIELD agent for over 5 years and is respected in the agency.
Hyperion: +4. Marcus and Jenny are good friends. Jenny has a crush on Marcus, but she doesn’t tell him for a variety of reasons.
Nomad: +1. Alexi is nice to Jenny, when he’s generally disliked by the team. She tries to be friendly to him in return, although she doesn’t fully trust him.
Reflex: +2. Jenny likes Reflex, and the two are genuinely friends. They sometimes compete using their powers in a friendly way.
The Wasp: +3. Jenny considers Janet her best friend, and looks up to her. She desperately wants to be a super-hero like Janet is, even if her loyalty to SHIELD won’t really let her.
Whisperer: +1. Jenny respects Rick, even if he’s kind of stodgy and rude. She respects his experience, but in a conflict between Rick and Janet, Jenny always takes Janet’s side.
Hank Pym: +1. Jenny doesn’t really know Hank that well. To her, he’s “Janet’s boyfriend” and she doesn’t really understand what Janet sees in him.


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