Real name: Paul Ebersol
Documented extranormal abilities: Ebersol has a number of advanced, weaponized cybernetic implants that he has created and installed in himself. He uses a variety of bleeding-edge weaponry in combat.

Dr. Paul Ebersol is possibly one of the world’s greatest cyberneticists. A former Stark Industries AccuTech researcher, his employment with Stark was terminated when AccuTech was shut down.

Rather than take a transfer to Stark Resilient, Ebersol attempted to join CyberTek. His designs and research were considered too invasive and dangerous, even if they were very interesting to DARPA.

Ebersol went into business for himself, at first trying to sell designs to Russia and China. When Tony Stark interfered in his business deals out of concern that Ebersol was making dangerous technology too easily available, Ebersol struck back at Stark. He cybernetically modified himself, and began selling his technology on the black market.

Known in criminal circles as “the Fixer”, Dr. Ebersol is a rogue factor in the fight against global super-terrorism. He’s completely amoral and will sell his tech to basically anyone, sometimes indebting super-criminals to himself as part of granting them technology, so that he can use them against his enemies like Tony Stark.

Fixer is extremely dangerous, but lethal force against Dr. Ebersol is strictly prohibited. SHIELD wants Ebersol apprehended alive, with the hope that he can be persuaded to assist SHIELD with his technology.


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