Exploration Corps

The Exploration Corps are ARMOR’s eyes and ears out there in the multiverse. While much of their job is led through first by unmanned probes and drones controlled by X-51, when it has been determined an alternative Earth is safe or at least necessary to have boots on the ground, the Exploration Corps are sent in after.

They are recruited from some of the best of the best of SHIELD’s OPS division. ARMOR doesn’t recruit directly from the private sector or outside SHIELD for the EC, only transferring people laterally. Anyone working in the Corps has to be an experienced SHIELD OPS agent experienced with extranormal phenomenon and prepared for what they will see out there in the multiverse.

Erik Josten

Commander, Exploration Corps
Codename: Atlas
Clearance Level: 6H

Commander Josten had been a SHIELD Agent for 12 years before being transferred to ARMOR. He was part of the first Exploration Corps team that was led personally by Director Jones, and was part of the first mission that traveled to another Earth. He has led every single field mission that the EC has engaged in if he wasn’t injured or on mandatory leave at the behest of Deputy Director Korvac. He is dedicated, passionate, and professional.

There has been a recommendation placed on his file from Ultimates team leader James Rhodes that his security clearance be increased on both SHIELD-ARMOR axis to reflect both his years of service and trust, and to better equip him to do his job in light of recent incursions and other internal events. Thus far, these suggestions have been declined as it has been determined that Commander Josten’s team performs better on a need-to-know basis.

Exploration Corps

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