Elisa Sinclair

Documented extranormal abilities: None at this present time but more intel is needed. There is a great deal of suspicion that Elisa Sinclair is either a HYDRA or Leviathan agent and may be enhanced in some capacity. Use extreme caution, do not engage.

Elisa Sinclair is the current CEO of Roxxon Industries after the assassination of former CEO Hugh Jones. Her background seems almost perfectly arranged and is undoubtedly falsified, but at this time COMMS division is unable to penetrate this obviously fake identity and figure out who she really is or where she really came from.

It is known that she simply stepped into the role of CEO despite only having been with the company for six months, and was immediately entrusted with the role by all members of the board. This is extremely suspicious, and implies she may have some kind of extranormal persuasion power (or the rest of the board is being blackmailed somehow).

SHIELD desperately needs more intel on this woman and what her plans are and where she came from, as soon as possible.

Elisa Sinclair

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