Codename: The Refuge

On Earth-501, an extra-terrestrial entity known as Galactus has consumed 48% of all inhabited worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy.

As a result, the Sol system Earth-501 has had a massive influx in the last 8-10 years of alien refugees fleeing there for safety.

It is unclear why the Sol system in general and Earth in particular is considered safe, besides the fact that Galactus hasn’t consumed it yet, but the population explosion is unthinkable.

In a decade, Earth-501’s population went from a little over 7 billion to nearly fifty times that number. Earth’s orbit is choked with satellites and starships, and the other planets in the system are being bombarded with colony pods and temporary shelters.

As these aliens are all bringing their own technology and scientific knowledge with them, and are united in their common terror of Galactus, there’s actually been very little in the way of outright war and organized violence.

However, resources are scarce and poverty is staggering. Government and social support for the massive teeming population is completely non-existent.

When the Exploration Corps found this world and came to understand their issues, we learned all we could about Galactus and quickly left, understanding we couldn’t possibly help them with the brunt of their issues.

Unfortunately and tragically, the massed scientific technological knowledge of the refugees allowed some of them to figure out where we came from, and a short-lived refugee crisis led to an incursion event. It was peacefully resolved, and ARMOR has vowed to try to find a way to help the people of Earth-501 with longer term solutions than simply shouldering their burden along with them.


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