Codename: Skrull Earth

Earth-462 is the result of a change in the timeline of Earth-1491 (our Earth). Leviathan agents from our Earth traveled back in time and made very specific changes to the early 20th century, and as a result a series of pivotal events in the 20th and 21st century played out in subtle but very different ways.

Because of complex temporal dynamics beyond the scope of this document, this resulted in the timeline spiraling off into its own separate universe, one which ARMOR was technically aware of and had interacted with prior to the events that actually led to its creation.

As a result of Leviathan’s interference, the USSR was in a far more powerful position after World War II, and infiltrated MI-13 during the 1960’s almost completely. Earth-462’s SHIELD largely fought a losing battle against Leviathan, and the USSR lasted until 2004 instead of 1990 and only collapsed because Leviathan found it no longer useful.

In 2015, the Skrulls took over the United Kingdom, stopped all pretense of being a secret society, and used the UK’s nuclear arsenal to start a global nuclear war. They also destroyed the Kree satellite network around the globe, which brought them into direct conflict with Attilan.

As of this writing, the Skrulls of Earth-462 are engaged in a protracted war with their own Attilan, with Earth-462’s SHIELD trying to keep their head down and protect the remnants of humanity and resist Skrull dictatorship.

The Skrulls of Earth-462 are also aware of the Dard’van (who in their universe have also taken over the Skrull Empire and started a war with the Kree Empire) and have opted to avoid contacting the Skrull Empire as their history of racial mixing and imperialism would not gel with Dard’van philosophy.


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