Codename: Skrull Earth

On Earth-462, the Skrulls have taken over the Earth. We are not currently sure how or when this happened, but it definitely has. A global nuclear war has also taken place many years ago, possibly during that Skrull takeover or in response to it.

While initially this planet may seem like a great source of intel on Skrulls in this reality, it must be kept in mind that alien species and their machinations don’t always work the same in every reality. Just because something is true of Skrulls of Earth-462 does not mean it is true of Skrulls of our Earth.

As a result, ARMOR has opted not to share intel from Skrull Earth with SWORD or the rest of SHIELD, to avoid misinformation or misleading details.

According to intelligence obtained by the Exploration Corps, there is a resistance movement against the Skrulls on Earth-462, led by that Earth’s SHIELD. We have not yet made contact with this organization, and we are uncertain if we wish to do so. It may complicate matters and lead to another refugee crisis like the one from Earth-501.


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