Codename: Utopia-4

Earth-44 appears to be an idyllic society. It is post-scarcity, where there is no poverty, war, class imbalance, racial strife, and seemingly every conceivable human ill is solved by advanced technology.

The leading factor in this utopian Earth seems to be the unfettered research and development of that Earth’s Dr. Reed Richards. On that world, Dr. Richards and his family never went on their voyage and never became super-heroes. Reed devoted himself to science and fixing the world’s problem with futuristic technology, and within a decade, seemingly did so.

The timeline for this change seems abrupt and suspicious. However, the Exploration Corps’ attempt to investigate this world further (and potentially obtain research data and samples of its remarkable technology) was stymied by contact with Council Executors, who became aware of our presence on this Earth and immediately requested we leave or be destroyed.

Not wanting to provoke hostilities with the Council, the Exploration Corps departed Earth-44 and we have not returned. It is possible that Earth-44 is under the Council’s direct protection, and/or has been interfered with by them in some capacity. More intel is required.


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