Codename: Inhuman Empire

On this world, some manner of apocalypse seems to have occurred during the late 1990s that resulted in both global devastation of infrastructure and damage to cities (residents refer to it as “The Great Fire”, implying some kind of nuclear apocalypse or meteor strike), as well as a sudden surge of individuals manifesting Inhuman traits.

Many of these Inhumans eventually became warlords and petty kings, turning the post-apocalyptic landscape into a feudal state. Eventually, an Inhuman Emperor emerged (whose name residents of Earth-385 refuse to speak, literally referring to him as “The Unspoken Emperor”) and he now rules much of the world.

Technologically, this Earth is backwards and hasn’t recovered from whatever apocalypse happened nearly two decades ago. However, the fact that a massive upper class of super-powered Inhumans rules over the majority of a powerless humanity makes this world a very dangerous place regardless.

At this time, ARMOR limits travel to Earth-385. The Ultimates would like to engage in more active field missions and possibly depose the Unspoken Emperor, but that is such an enormously complex and messy issue that we are currently simply monitoring the planet for more intel on Inhumans in a general sense.


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