Codename: The Wasteland

Earth-187 is a dead world. Based on our archaeological records, many years ago Earth-187’s Victor Von Doom detonated an anti-matter bomb in Earth’s upper atmosphere, essentially wiping out all life on this Earth and causing catastrophic damage to the entire planet.

The reasons for doing this are unclear. We have spent three years periodically visiting Earth-187 (it is uninhabited and the radiation levels are relatively safe with precautions) and our best understanding is it seems that Earth-187 may have been a battleground between the Council and the Parliament in the Multiverse Cold War, and Earth-187’s Doom decided to end the matter and his entire world. Perhaps he decided if he could not rule this world, these interlopers could not either.

With time, we hope that we will be able to uncover the mystery of what happened here, and that it will shed more light on the conflict between the Council and the Parliament. It also serves as a chilling cautionary tale of the Earths caught in the middle between these two multiverse super-powers.

Because Earth-187 is uninhabited and has safe zones free of radiation, there is potential here as a colonization point for the residents of Earth-501. We need to get more intel before ARMOR feels comfortable suggesting this idea, as it is possible Earth-187 has its own hazards we are not yet aware of.


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