The Drive you choose shows your character’s goals and driving force for where they are going and why they do what they do. When reading the title of any Drive, you’ll want to start off with “It is my goal and drive to…” and finish the sentence with the title of the Drive. Beyond numerical improvements, character advancement in this game system is handled mostly by means of opening up new Drives. Every Drive has requirements built into it that must be met in order for that Drive to be available. Each Move inside the Drive also has a requirement that must be fulfilled before it becomes available to the character.

All requirements are things that must be done or portrayed by the character in the campaign, usually within a game session and not “off camera” between sessions. Once all requirements are met to unlock a Drive, the Drive is available and the character can start working towards the Moves within the Drive itself. The current Drive you’re working toward is the answer to the question “It is my goal and drive to…”

You begin the campaign with one Drive already available to you, under the assumption you have unlocked that Drive through the course of your backstory. Each Move within that Drive still needs to be unlocked. You can work on multiple Drives at a time, if you unlock more than one and it suits your character to grow in that direction.

Each time you unlock a new Drive after your first, as well as each time you unlock a move within a Drive, you mark XP.

Once you have unlocked all the Moves within a Drive, you have essentially completed that Drive. You should look to another Drive you have unlocked (or make the effort towards unlocking one), if you want your character to continue to advance and grow. You still retain the use of previous Moves you have unlocked.

The Drives available to you are:

  • Adapt to a Changing World: You have trouble adapting to a more modern age and probably prefer the good old days.
  • Become an Icon: You want to make your name synonymous with the city you live in.
  • Create: You want to make stuff that changes the world and that helps you change it.
  • Die Trying: You’ve got a vice that is slowly killing you but that also might make you a useful agent of change at times.
  • Do What Others Cannot: You’re willing to be more aggressive and let yourself loose on your enemies.
  • Inspire: You want others to look to you as a source of hope and as a role model.
  • Figure Out Who I Am: You have no idea who you are and what you want anymore, but finding out is important to you.
  • Keep the Past at Bay: You’ve been through a lot and it’s left some scars and a past that comes back to haunt you.
  • Lead: You want to be in the front leading the charge and making others be all they can be.
  • Understand Humanity: You want to learn more about humans and why you should care about them.
  • Protect: You’ve had enough of people getting hurt and killed and your main concern is making sure people are safe, at any cost to yourself.
  • Prove Myself: You want to show others that you’re worth following and that you’re someone to rally behind and trust.
  • Push the Boundaries of Science: You want to change the world and push all preconceptions out the window to affect real change.
  • Rebel: You’ve come up against the status quo enough times to know it’s not only not worth defending, but that it needs changing. You’re willing to stand up, say so, and work towards changing it.
  • Reconcile My Past: You’ve got some scars and trauma from past events that you need to take a look at before you can move on with your life.
  • Redeem Myself: You’ve made mistakes and everyone knows you’ve done something really bad; now you’re working towards gaining back trust and fixing what was messed up.
  • See Justice Done: Someone has done something wrong and the justice system has let them slip away; you’re the only one that can do anything about it—and you’re willing to do a whole lot.
  • Start Anew: You have found a new community and place to call home and you’re ready to fight to protect it.
  • Understand: You want to understand concepts and learn everything you can about your surroundings and what you encounter.

Adapt to a Changing World

Drive unlocked when: Your inability to cope with an aspect of modern society gets you into trouble.

Another Day, Another Armageddon: When things look dire, tell the group about a time things were really bad and how you made it through (feel free to exaggerate) and roll+Approach. On a 10+, consult the list below; you may raise your Bond with one person of your choosing by 1 and they can choose to do so as well. On a 7-9, consult the list.

  • If they stay silent, they may remove one Minor or Moderate Condition.
  • If they laugh or snort or show disbelief, they may remove one Critical Condition.
  • If they get excited, pumped up, or inspired, they may remove one of each Condition.
    Move unlocked when: You prove to someone that doing something the old-fashioned way gets better or quicker results.

Whisky and Cigarettes: When you try to deal with injuries in the heat of battle (your own or the ones of a teammate), justify the removal of a Condition with unorthodox methods or materials and roll+Approach. On a 10+, remove the Condition. On a 7-9, remove the Condition but choose one:

  • If the Condition was Critical or Moderate then you instead get a Minor Condition called “In Bad Shape” that could get worse with any strenuous move.
  • You do what you can but there will be a wicked, noticeable scar or other cosmetic damage (if it’s your own character, decide what it looks like. If it’s another character, the player or GM decides).
    Move unlocked when: You either flashback to, or experience a time when you were unable or failed to help a comrade in the heat of battle.

Become an Icon

Drive unlocked when: Your name, and what you represent, becomes important and sparks discussion in the area you operate in.

Eye for Danger: When your gut says you’re in danger and you want to trust your instincts, roll+Approach. On a 10+, ask two of the following questions. On 7-9, ask one. The GM will answer truthfully to the best of your ability to understand.

  • Where is the danger going to come from?
  • Who is in the most danger?
  • How long before the danger manifests? If the answer is “right now”, then you’ve got just enough time to prepare to act.
    Move unlocked when: You are the victim of an ambush or surprise and you establish it affects you on a personal level.

I am the Law: When you give a person who knows of your reputation an order or ask for a favour, roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose one from the following list. On a 7-9, choose one, but they may lack enthusiasm, caution, or skill. The GM will let you know. They:

  • Do what you say.
  • Back away cautiously.
  • Flee.
  • Attack you.
  • Move unlocked when: You save people in a given area from certain peril and the majority of people there recognize your efforts.


Drive unlocked when: You build or re-purpose a space to work in and acquire the three types of components your work-space needs to get started.

Work-space: Choose 3 of the following your work-space includes: portal to another dimension, biology lab, a junkyard of raw materials, hi-tech vehicles, weird electronics, machining tools, transmitters & receivers, a proving range, relics of a forgotten age, booby traps, hi-tech machinery and parts, cosmic artifacts, unknown relics, or unknown technology.

When you go into your work-space and dedicate yourself to making something, or to getting to the bottom of something, decide what you’re trying to do or make and roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose one from the following list. On 7-9, choose three. The GM will determine what the details are.

  • It’s going to take an extended period of time to work on.
  • First, you’ll have to get/build/fix/figure out…
  • You’re going to need someone to help you with it.
  • The best you’ll be able to do is an inferior version, weak and unreliable.
  • It’s going to mean exposing yourself (and possibly colleagues) to serious danger.
  • You’re going to have to add to your work-space first.
  • It’s going to take multiple tries.
  • You’re going to have to take something else apart to do it.
    Move unlocked when: You acquire a component that seems innocuous to you, but foreshadows future danger or causes tension with someone you care about. Tell the GM what you have in mind.

Deep Pockets: When you need something either relatively common or not too hi-tech, roll+Approach. It has to be something small enough to be on your person. On a 10+, you happen to have just the thing, or something close enough to do the job. On a 7-9, you happen to have something pretty close but there’s a catch.
Move unlocked when: The creation you value most is taken from you.

Die Trying

Drive unlocked when: You indulge in a serious, self-destructive vice. Write down what your self-destructive vice is.

Reputation: When you meet someone important, roll+Approach. On a 7+, they’ve heard of you and you determine what they’ve heard. On a 10+, take +1 Forward to the next action that involves them as well. On a 6 or less, they’ve heard of you, but the GM will determine what they’ve heard.
Move unlocked when: Your fame or vice puts all those close to you in danger because of your neglect of those around you and/or your indulgence in your vice.

The In: When you indulge in your self-destructive vice, there will be consequences and someone will probably get some kind of leverage over you. But for now, you may Hold 1. Spend 1 Hold to:

  • Acquire an asset.
  • Gain access to someone or some place.
  • Get attention.
  • Get leverage over someone.
  • Take +1 Forward.
    Move unlocked when: You reveal the reason for your self-destructive vice to someone you have a Bond with.

Do What Others Cannot

Drive unlocked when: You hit rock bottom and compromise your morals.

Not to be Trifled With: When you try to intimidate someone by doing something scary or shocking, roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose 1. On a 7-9, choose one, but the GM might have you Burn a Bond depending on your actions.

  • They spill their guts to you, ask them a question and they will answer truthfully.
  • They live in terror of you, take +1 Forward the next time you make a move involving them.
  • They carry out a single task you send them on, within reason.
    Move unlocked when: Your actions get you in trouble with law enforcement, other super-heroes, or both.

Marked: Whenever you get a 12+ result on an attack, turn to your next opponent and let them know what’s coming. Roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • The enemy sees you in a new light and makes all possible efforts to avoid you for as long as they can.
  • The enemy now sees you as the main threat.
  • Take +1 Forward against them.

If they run they may tell others about what they saw you do and a reputation may begin to form.
Move unlocked when: You bring up and seriously discuss the idea of using excessive force with another character you have a Bond with. What is considered “excessive” is relative to the characters and circumstances involved.


Drive unlocked when: Someone looks to you for hope and support and you give up something personal and important to be the voice of change.

Read a Person: When you read a person in a charged interaction, roll+Approach. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7-9, Hold 1. While you’re interacting with them, spend 1 Hold to ask the GM, or the player of the character, 1 question:

  • Is this person telling the truth?
  • What are they really feeling?
  • What do they intend to do?
  • What do they wish I’d do?
  • How could I get them to…?
  • What do they need right now?
    Move unlocked when: You are betrayed by someone close to you and it changes how you look at people.

Voice of Reason: When you speak truth to a group of people, roll+Approach. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7-9, Hold 1. Spend 1 Hold to make the group:

  • Carry out a single action according to your wishes, within reason.
  • Unite and fight for you.
  • Go quietly back to their lives.
    Move unlocked when: You recall a time where someone was an inspiration to you and the words they said that helped shape who you are today, and you say something similar to someone else.

Often Right: When you give another person advice, whether they ask for it or not, tell them what you honestly believe is the best course of action. If they act on your advice, they take +1 Ongoing to any rolls they make to do so.
Move unlocked when: Your advice is ignored and something bad happens as a result.

Figure Out Who I Am

Drive unlocked when: You have a crisis of identity or have an experience that transforms you. Fill in the following blanks as they are revealed in the campaign. Blanks can be filled in multiple times or erased and rewritten as necessary.

  • Something I had no idea about the world I live in is…
  • I am not comfortable with…
  • I draw the line at…
  • I am most afraid of becoming…
  • I aspire to become…
  • The values I care most about are…
  • A flaw that’s holding me back is…

Hero’s Journey: When you learn something new about yourself and fill in a blank in a moment that defines you, you may roll 3d6 and drop the lowest result on your next roll when you back up your new-found revelation with action.
Move unlocked when: You make a drastic change in your life that shakes up either the relationships in your life and the place you live, or how you view the world and your approach to dealing with people and problems.

Dare to be Different: Whenever your perception of who you are doesn’t fit with something being asked of you, and you care about what that person things of you, put a Bond on the line and tell them why you can’t do what’s being asked of you, and what you can do instead. If they are understanding and accepting, take +1 Forward to your next related action. If they are not, Burn a Bond with them. If you make up with them later and they respect you for who you are, increased your Bond with them by 2.
Move unlocked when: You do something asked of you, even though it does not sit well with you and makes you want to change.

Transformation: When you are in need and hear rumours of a way to get help, special training, or insight, tell the GM how the rumours are relevant to you and roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose one. On a 7-9, choose one but there will be a price to pay upon completion. The GM will tell you what it is. Either way, if you succeed then the special training, help, or insight allows you to:

  • Resolve a Condition or a problem that is facing you.
  • Glean the special insight or knowledge you seek
  • Add something to your Power Summary, move one thing you can do in your Power Profile one step easier (as long as it’s not Impossible), or move a thing in your Power Profile from Lost to where it originally was.
    Move unlocked when: A failed undertaking leaves you broken and even more unsure of who you are.

Keep the Past at Bay

Drive unlocked when: Elements of your past or backstory begin rearing their ugly head and disrupt your life for the worse.

But He Deserved It: When another character is trying to talk to or be civil with someone and you interrupt them with an attack, take +1 Forward.
Move unlocked when: Your insistence on violence and drive to fight makes an enemy of a former friend.

Checkered Past: When you encounter an enemy for the first time, you may detail the last time you saw them and any grudge between you. If you do, roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose one and say how you know what you know. On a 7-9, choose one, and the GM chooses one for them as well. The GM will ask you how they know what they know.

  • You remember a weakness or advantage they have.
  • You remember the way or method they usually fight.
  • You remember what they care about or their motivation.
    Move unlocked when: Part of your everyday routine changes to looking for trouble or picking fights.


Drive unlocked when: You find a cause to fight for. Write down your mission statement about what change you want to see realized in the world.

Boy Scout: Whenever you engage in reason or try to appeal to a villain, try to show them the error of their ways and roll+Approach. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7-9, Hold 1. Spend 1 Hold to ask the villain a question from the list or to point out a contradiction in their answer or logic. The villain must respond as long as you do not show them violence; spend an additional Hold to force them to hesitate or pause mid-action.

  • What set you down this path?
  • What do you hope to accomplish with your plan?
  • How can you justify doing this?
  • What do you care about, besides yourself?
    Move unlocked when: You encounter a villain you sympathize with and want to learn more about.

Take Stock: When you read a dangerous situation, roll+Approach. On a 7-9, ask the GM one of the questions below. On a 10+, ask two questions. You get +1 Forward to acting on one of the GM’s answers.

  • Where’s my best escape route/way in/way past?
  • Which enemy is most vulnerable to me?
  • Which enemy is the biggest threat?
  • What’s my enemy’s true position?
  • If I had to make a stand here, where would be best?
  • How can I gain the undivided attention of all those present?
    Move unlocked when: You lead a group of people you feel responsible for on a mission to accomplish a specific goal.

Understand Humanity

Drive unlocked when: You are a part of at least two different worlds, with one of them being Earth and the other being some remote place with unusual people, such as an alien world or a secret realm. Gain a Bond with “Humanity”; whenever you judge the merits and flaws of the human race, consult your Bond score. If an act shows you the merits of the human race, raise the Bond by 1. If a moment makes you doubt, question, or showcase its flaws, lower the Bond by 1.
Bond Points with Humanity cannot be Burned and do not effect your Bond Threshold, but if the Bond is raised above 10, you may shrug off a one Condition for every point above 10 when humanity is threatened. If it drops below -5, take a permanent Moderate Condition of “No Faith in Mankind”, which gives you -1 anytime you wish to protect or save a human or humanity. If it falls below -10, you must spend time away from human beings, retreat to your Sanctuary, or go back to your own people until you can be convinced to come back or witness something to renew your faith in humanity.

Sanctuary: You have a hidden place that acts as a personal fortress of solitude. Tell the GM where it is. It must be far away from civilization or concealed in some meaningful fashion. Whoever remains in the Sanctuary for a justifiable time can rid themselves of one Condition for every question they ask (and you answer) about your past, possible alien heritage, outlook on humanity and life, or anything else that sets you apart from humanity.
Move unlocked when: You establish your Sanctuary. You need to Burn at least one Bond in the establishment of your Sanctuary.

Role Model: When you learn or are inspired by watching and learning about how someone or a group of people conduct themselves, write down one quality you wish to emulate. Once per session you may Burn a Bond for free (with no lowering of your Bond) when you strive to be better and emulate your role model.
Move unlocked when: You find or choose a mentor and role model to look up to and learn from.


Drive unlocked when: You establish that you grew up, are accepted or know a particular area or community very well.

Back of My Hand: When you need to be somewhere, right now, in the area you protect, say how you get there in an unorthodox way or via a route known only to you and roll+Approach. On a 10+, you get there just in time. On a 7-9, you can get there, but there’s an obstacle to get past first and it’s wasting your precious time. The GM will tell you what it is.
Move unlocked when: You spend your time looking for, or resources establishing, a unique mode or method of transportation in your area.

Hold the Line: Whenever you draw a figurative line in the sand, roll+Approach. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7-9, Hold 1. As long as you are keeping the enemy from advancing past your position, spend 1 Hold to:

  • Inflict a Minor Condition on an enemy as a toll for crossing the line.
  • Keep an enemy from advancing past.
    Move unlocked when: You are the only one left standing or that can help and protect innocents from being harmed.

Foxhole: Whenever another character shares something private about themselves with you in the heat of battle that makes you want to fight for and protect them, roll+Approach. On a 10+, reduce the severity of the next Condition you take, and increase a Bond with the person you shared a moment with. On 7-9, increase a Bond with the person you shared a moment with.
Move unlocked when: You recall and talk about a time you tried to protect someone important to you but failed.

Prove Myself

Drive unlocked when: Another character goes out on a limb for you, knowing all the while they’ll suffer serious repercussions because of it.

We Will Hold: When you face overwhelming odds, make an inspirational speech to motivate your team and lead the charge. Anyone that charges with you may shrug off the first Condition they take.
Move unlocked when: You fight and win despite impossible odds.

Leading Strike: When you are the first to hit an enemy at the beginning of an encounter, roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose two. On a 7-9, choose one.

  • The next person to attack the same target takes +1 Forward.
  • You take away an advantage they have, such as the use of a weapon or item.
  • You demand all of their attention so they focus on you.
  • You deal a Minor Condition.
    Move unlocked when: You fall in battle as a result of protecting a teammate.

Coordinate: When your team needs to be organized and get somewhere in the heat of battle, roll+Approach. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7-9, Hold 1. Over the course of the fight, spend 1 Hold to have your team:

  • Advance on a position.
  • Stand strong against an advance.
  • Make an organized retreat.
    Move unlocked when: You stand up to and butt heads with another, more powerful or influential leader than yourself.

Push the Boundaries of Science

Drive unlocked: You begin work on a project to change the world. Discuss it with the GM first and then write it down and take a Bond with “Science”. This Bond cannot be Burned and does not effect your Bond Threshold. For every other Bond you Burn due to being lost in your project’s creation, raise your Bond with Science by 2. When your Bond with Science exceeds all your other Bonds combined, your project is completed.

Not on My Watch: Whenever someone suffers an injury and you throw together a crazy scheme of science to deal with it, roll+Approach. On a 10+, you pull it off and your patient may remove one Condition. On a 7-9, there is a complication or obstacle that must be dealt with first in order for it to succeed and for a Condition to be removed. The GM will tell you what it is.
Move unlocked when: You speak of a time when, despite all your intelligence and wit, you felt powerless and could not help or save someone.

Overload: When you push an item you have at your disposal to go beyond its limits, roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose one. On a 7-9, you can do it and may choose one, but there’s something you need to do or get first. Ask the GM what it is.

  • You use it to apply a Condition to everyone around you (severity is your choice)
  • You use it to apply a Condition to both your enemy and yourself (severity is your choice)
  • You use it to defy the laws of time, space, or other fundamental principle for enough time for you or someone you choose to perform a single action.
    Move unlocked when: Your desire to learn about something endangers your physical or mental health or your identity.


Drive unlocked when: You realize or establish a belief or doctrine that goes against social norms and popular opinion. Write down what your belief or doctrine is, how it differs from the norm and how it gets you into trouble.

Dissent: Whenever you go against or stand up to someone and are stubborn enough not to listen to anyone’s opinion but your own, tell them what you think of them and take +1 Forward on your next roll when you do something about it.
Move unlocked when: Your views get you and those associated with you in hot water with an organization that has a great deal of power and influence.

Eye on the Door: Identify an escape route and roll+Approach. On a 10+, you’re gone. On a 7-9, you can go or stay, but if you go it costs you: leave something behind, or take something with you, the GM will tell you what.
Move unlocked when: You leave someone feeling betrayed or talk about a time when you were betrayed.

I Know A Guy: When you need something hard to find, roll+Approach. On a 10+, you know someone you can get it from. On a 7-9, you know a guy but…

  • Your relationship with them is not on good terms. Explain why.
  • You owe them a favour. Explain what.
  • Talking to them could put them in danger. Explain how.
    This Move can be used in lieu of, or in conjunction with, the Gather Intel Move.
    Move unlocked when: When you compromise your morals and doctrine in order to help someone important to you.

Reconcile My Past

Drive unlocked when: Something happens that changes who you are and haunts you or you detail what has already happened to you.

Coping Mechanism: Whenever you berate or heckle your opponents to hide your true feelings, roll+Approach. On a 10+, choose one. On a 7-9, the GM chooses one.

  • They stumble, hesitate, or flinch.
  • They reveal something about their backstory.
  • They reveal a portion of their plan.
  • You earn their full attention and ire.
    Move unlocked when: You give someone close to you a glimpse of the vulnerability you cover up with violence, wise cracks, or both.

Painful Catharsis: When an enemy does something to you to trigger a memory in your past (your call what that is), define what that memory is and roll+Approach. On a 10+, Hold 3. On a 7-9, Hold 1. Spend 1 Hold to:

  • Ignore all of your Conditions for one Move.
  • Take +1 Forward.
    Move unlocked when: You do something to place yourself or the group in danger by acting irrationally because of something that happened in your past.

Redeem Myself

Drive unlocked when: Your actions, or an outside force, destroys a Bond you hold dear and you blame yourself for it. What happened to your reputation? What do people think of you and what do you think of yourself? If you do not have a single negative Bond associated with your reputation, be sure to write one in.

A New Light: When you prove yourself to someone who had doubts and thought poorly of you, or to a teammate you have a Bond score of 1 or less with, roll+Bond. On a 10+, strengthen your Bond with them by 2 and recover from an additional Condition when you make the Downtime Move. On a 7-9, strengthen your Bond with them by 1.
Move unlocked when: Your desire to prove yourself results in you taking a Critical Condition.

Against the Current: When you contradict the popular opinion with strong words and actions, say how you try to change that opinion and roll+Influence. On a 10+, you win the majority who hear your words and may raise a Bond score by 1, or write in a new one. The GM will tell you which. On a 7-9, you change the opinion of a few, but doing so might have repercussions.
Move unlocked when: You stumble, hesitate, or flinch in the face of hatred or fierce opposition to a course of action that would be welcomed by any other hero.

See Justice Done

Drive unlocked when: You take on or reveal the trauma that makes you believe that evil has to be dealt with beyond the normal law.

Hunter: You have a guilty target that has escaped the lax justice system in place. Detail who they are, what they did, and what the next step in your plan is to take them out (update your plan as you progress). You may not use the Downtime Move until you’ve brought your target to justice (what that justice looks like is up to you). When you do bring them to justice, you recover from any and all Conditions.

A Way to Live: Whenever you forgo making the Downtime Move and the chance to raise a Bond in favour of hunting your prey, you may recover from one Condition if you feel you are closer to finding them. Recover from two Conditions if you take the law into your own hands while doing so and there are consequences for it.
Move unlocked when: You Burn a Bond with a friend or teammate in order to see justice done instead.

Start Anew

Drive unlocked when: You build, discover, or occupy a new location worth fighting for.

Home Turf: When you face an opponent in an environment that no one knows better than you, roll+Approach. On a 7-9, choose one. On a 10+, gain both.

  • Name one of your opponent’s powers or advantages that can’t be used against you here, and say why.
  • You ignore penalties from Conditions you suffer here, until either of you leave.
    Move unlocked when: You defend a place worth fighting for and are defeated.

One of Us: When you participate in the daily life of your people, helping out and giving back, roll+Approach. On a 10+, you glean insight into a problem you are having, or find a safe place to hide out, plan, or recover (your choice). On a 7-9, however, also choose one:

  • They require a demonstration of your understanding of and reverence for the community’s traditions.
  • You put them in danger, after you receive their help.
    Move unlocked when: The people accept you as one of their own and you feel and think of the place as your true home.


Drive unlocked when: Your greatest failure and what allowed you to get past it come up in the campaign.

Technobabble: When you explain a process or concept that deals with an area of your expertise in such a way that goes way over the heads of those around you, roll+Approach. If, prior to rolling, you restate your technobabble again in a way that it is very simple (like through analogy), take 1 Forward to the roll. On a 10+, you may use a piece of technology to do something it would normally have no business doing. On a 7-9, you do it, but it will also produce an unintended result (the GM will tell you what).
Move unlocked when: Doing something to a piece of technology recklessly results in people being put in danger.

Hypothesize: Whenever you handle or examine an interesting object, roll+Approach. On 10+, you can ask three questions of the GM below. On a 7-9, ask one.

  • Who handled this last before me?
  • Who made this?
  • What has been done most recently with this, or to this?
  • How might I fix or break this?
  • What was this made to do?
    Move unlocked when: You regain your sanity after you snap and lose control after learning of something no regular human has the capacity to understand.

Fascinating: Whenever you pick an opponent apart or prattle on incessantly about your fascination with them (from a scientific point of view), roll+Approach. On 10+, Hold 3. On 7-9, Hold 1. Spend 1 Hold to:

  • Make them stumble, hesitate, or flinch.
  • Redirect an attack meant for an ally to yourself.
  • Have them give up a piece of their backstory.
  • Have them reveal a part of their plan.
    Move unlocked when: Someone uses the same strategy on you and analyzes you and all your weaknesses to great effect.


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