Doctor Doom

Real name: Victor Von Doom
Documented extranormal capabilities: Unknown. Victor Von Doom is a brilliant scientist and engineer, one of the brightest in the world. He is always seen in public wearing power armor of his own design with unknown weapons and capabilities. Von Doom may also be superhuman himself, augmented in some undefined capacity. More intelligence is required.

Victor Von Doom is a native of Latveria, but spent most of his young adulthood in the United States. He earned his multiple PhDs at Empire State University, and was a peer of Dr. Reed Richards.

Doom returned to his homeland in 2007, and took over the country by force using a combination of drones and power-armored mercenaries, with technology he himself designed. Since then, he has used his technology to entrench himself in power, and established an absolute dictatorship in his name.

Doom’s Latveria is an oppressive, brutal regime with almost feudal class imbalances. Isolationist and ruthlessly territorial, Doom nonetheless has made attempts to market his country as idyllic and futuristic.

Some UN member states recognize Doom’s authority over Latveria. Surprisingly, Russia is extremely supportive of the Doom regime despite Latveria being a Soviet break-away (in sharp contrast to Russia’s treatment of the Ukraine or Georgia). There is some circumstantial evidence to support the idea that Doom is selling arms and technology to the Russian government.

Current SHIELD policy towards Doom and his Latverian government is to treat them as a hostile foreign power, but utmost caution must be used when dealing with them.

Doctor Doom

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