Real name: William Cross
Documented extranormal abilities: None. Cross is a former Special Forces operator with years of combat experience, but does not appear to have any specific extranormal abilities or cybernetics as of this writing.

William Cross is the estranged brother of Darren Cross, the CEO of Cross Technologies. William was former US Army Special Forces, until something happened to him in combat that caused him to go rogue. It is unclear if it was PTSD, or if William had some underlying and pre-existing mental health issue that simply manifested at that time, or if some kind of extranormal event was responsible.

Whatever the case may be, William went AWOL, and has become a mercenary ever since. Going by the callsign Crossfire, he usually sells his services to larger military companies like Blackguard or Eaglestar on contract, but he’s also been known to take a paycheck from truly reprehensible groups like HYDRA.

William was publicly denounced by his brother Darren (who himself, according to SHIELD intel, quietly deals with mental illness), but there may be some financial support between the two brothers.

Standing orders are kill-on-sight. Crossfire has killed a number of junior SHIELD field operatives who have surrendered, and committed numerous war-crimes. Terminate with prejudice. This standing order is signed off Level 10 Scorpio, meaning it comes from Director Fury himself.


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