Command Staff

ARMOR’s Command Staff compose the leadership that oversee the entire organization. For operational security reasons, the Director and the Deputy Director are generally at the same base at the same time. Director Jones is usually located at ARMOR HQ, the Hollow, while Deputy Director Korvac is usually aboard the Chariot with the rest of the Ultimates.

Rick Jones

Director, ARMOR
Codename: Whisperer
Clearance Level: 9K

Rick Jones has been with SHIELD for over forty years. The man should be a legend, but opts not to be. He’s nearly 70, but looks to be gracefully moving into his 50s. He is several contradictions at once.

An original member of the first Avengers Initiative in the 1980’s, Jones later became an OPS agent after the Chernobyl Disaster. When ARMOR was form in 1996, Nick Fury approached Jones personally to lead the black op.

He has led ARMOR since the beginning, and led the first exploration mission personally before Erik Joston joined the agency.

Michael Korvac

Deputy Director, ARMOR
Codename: Stranger
Clearance Level: 8I

Dr. Michael Korvac is a brilliant scientist who was poached from SHIELD’s Project Pegasus several years ago when he showed promise not just as a researcher, but as a team leader. He was replaced by the late Dr. Philip Lawson.

Korvac doesn’t actually do a great deal of research these days, largely acting as the handler and mission control for the Ultimates, a job he nonetheless finds satisfying.

Command Staff

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