Real name: Donald Gill
Documented extranormal capabilities: Donnie Gill is cryokinetic, able to lower temperature around himself and the nearby area dramatically at will. He is able to use this ability to significantly alter weather patterns and to create ice as weaponry and structures.

It is unclear how Donnie Gill acquired his cryokinetic powers. When captured by SHIELD, he refused to explain the origin of his abilities even under advanced interrogation techniques.

Gill doesn’t have especially good control of his powers, and is constantly draining heat from the environment around himself. To give him that control, he was given a suit of power armor by Paul Ebersol (better known as “the Fixer”). In order to pay for the suit, Gill was required by Ebersol to commit crimes using his powers.

Gill was defeated by Tony Stark and imprisoned by SHIELD. His abilities are the subject of intense study by SCI-TEC and MED. Gill could potentially be rehabilitated and work for STRIKE, and Director Fury is keeping a close eye on him.


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