Black Ice

Because ARMOR’s security concerns are such that ARMOR cannot utilize SHIELD’s COMMS division for signals intelligence, we have to use our own methods.

To that end, the Black Ice facility in Svalbard, Norway houses ARMOR’s X-51 Virtual Intelligence, which automates signals intelligence and information gathering on a global scale and performs data analysis and probability calculations for the agency.

X-51 essentially acts as ARMOR’s counterpart to SWORD’s VISION system. However, while VISION is based on a derivative of Tony Stark’s JARVIS system (and thus, has a high risk for potentially going rampant if unshackled as Stark’s AI is rumored to be potentially sapient), X-51 was built entirely in-house by ARMOR researcher Dr. Abel Stack. After the Synthezoid Incursion, ARMOR is very aware and cogent of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is potentially dangerous and even presents a possible existential risk.

Director Jones has every faith that Dr. Stack’s X-51 is a Virtual Intelligence incapable of sapience. ARMOR agents are discouraged from overly humanizing the X-51 system by giving it a name, gender, or ascribing personality traits to it. It performs vital functions to our agency and nothing more.

Black Ice

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