Real name: Michael Westin
Species: Human (modified with Asgardian technology)
Documented extranormal abilities: Behemoth is able to summon a suit of armor made of an exotic Asgardian metal around his body, fundamentally changing his physical form and allowing him to project blasts of plasma and fly, and granting him superhuman strength and resistance to injury. He is seemingly indestructible in this form.

Agent Westin was an OPS field agent, prior to a mission to investigate a secret society known as the “Cult of the Destroyer”. His mission went awry, and Westin was subjected to a ritual that bonded him with the Destroyer Armor, an Asgardian artifact that the cult obtained through unknown means.

Westin, at the time not in full control of the armor, destroyed the cult, although he has since learned how to control the armor and can summon and use it at will. SHIELD Director Nick Fury has subsequently transferred him to the STRIKE program.

Recently, there was an attack on SHIELD Base 13 (codename: “The Crypt”), STRIKE and COMMS HQ, by an Asgardian Valkyrie named Sigrun. She was seeking the Destroyer Armor and had alleged that Agent Westin had stolen Asgardian property. According to records, STRIKE team leader Agent Mason worked out a bargain with the Valkyrie and the situation is currently resolved.


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