Documented extranormal abilities: The Beetle drones are capable of superhuman strength, speed, and agility. They are remarkably hard to destroy, with a toughness on par with Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. They can fly at supersonic speeds. They have multiple types of internal weaponry, with the latest generation sporting a shoulder-mounted retractable cannon. Each iteration of the Beetle drone has had new armaments and abilities.

The first Beetle was a power-armored criminal named Abner Jenkins. However, these new “Beetles” are not individuals in power-armor, but rather remotely operated drones. It’s possible that Jenkins is behind the drones, or they could be another party (another technologist, like Dr. Ebersol, is a suspect).

Thus far, these Beetle drones have been only spotted one at a time, and have been committing mundane crimes like bank heists and armored car robberies. They’ve been destroyed by the Avengers, Spider-Man, and even the Fantastic Four on one occasion, but they keep coming back with improvements, suggesting someone out there is building new ones.

COMMS has thus far been unable to trace the signal on who is controlling the Beetle drones. It is hoped if a STRIKE team engages the Beetle, a better fix could be found.


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