A species of human-descended Eternals, the Asgardians appear to be the product of Celestial experimentation on ancient humans.

They are currently ruled by their “All-Father”, King Odin Borson.

Homeworld: Asgard. It is unclear if Asgard is another planet or dimension, or a planet in another dimension, or some kind of pocket dimension space. It can only be accessed by the Bifrost, a wormhole that only the Asgardians control.

Recognizable traits: Asgardians are visually indistinguishable from humans, as they share an evolutionary ancestor. There is nothing specific about their anatomy or appearance that will easily allow them to be visually identified as Asgardian. At most, they tend to be remarkably athletic in physique, and their behavior and manner of dress tend to be outlandish and highly specific in a way that is distinctively Asgardian. However, given that these elements are external, it is very easy for them to infiltrate human populations.

Known extranormal abilties: Once their full Asgardian abilities have been “awakened” by their Norn Stones, Asgardians possess superhuman strength, endurance, reaction speed, physical agility, memory, and have a lifespan that is measured in millennium. According to Asgardians themselves, they are not actually immortal and are capable of dying of old age, although in practice this almost never happens given that Asgardian culture and lifestyles are such that over thousands of years of life they are guaranteed to die in battle eventually.

Documented technology of note: Asgardian technology is so advanced it appears to be indistinguishable from magic, a point that they drive home by considering the two things synonymous. They use weaponry and vehicles that at first may appear to be antiquated, like swords, bows, or chariots, but generally contain highly complex and esoteric devices that we cannot possibly understand.


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