ARMOR Arsenal

Because of the utmost stealth requirements of ARMOR’s operations, ARMOR needs to constantly on the bleeding edge of covert weapons technology.

Thanks to data obtained by recent SHIELD black operatives, ARMOR has begun to produce caseless, gaussian small arms that fire rounds the size of a grain of sand at speeds capable of producing damage equivalent to conventional ballistic weapons. These weapons are effectively untraceable, leaving behind only granules of dense metals or, in the case of ICER conversion kits, no trace at all as the shots dissolve into bio-degradable compounds on impact.

These weapons are very new and extremely expensive, and are for the time being restricted to specific squads of the Exploration Corps. Over time, they will likely filter outwards to the rest of SHIELD.

On a functional level, they do not actually produce a marked power advantage over ballistic weapons, and the cost trade-off for their production is actually in the negative. However, the stealth advantage of completely untraceable “Sandguns” is very enticing. Refinement will come with time.

ARMOR Arsenal

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