When you make a Move, you choose an Approach and add the bonus from that Approach to 2d6. There may be other modifiers to that roll from circumstances, Conditions, or other factors, such as another player character aiding you.

Unless otherwise noted for that Move, you can choose any Approach for any Move. The Approach you use changes the outcome of the Move and the way in which the Move works. The Approach you choose has to be justifiable for what you are trying to accomplish with that Move.

In general, a result of 6 or lower after modifiers indicates a Miss, and some kind of negative consequence for the individual making the Move. You also mark down XP every time you roll a total of 6 or lower. A result of 7-9 is a Partial Success, which results in the Move working but often with some kind of complication or cost associated with its success, or not creating as successful a result as you might like. A result of 10+ is a Success, and represents succeeding with the Move as you intended.

There are six Approaches, and you will have a statistical modifier to each Approach based on your individual abilities. Certain circumstances, Conditions or Moves may give you modifiers to making Moves using a specific Approach.

The six Approaches are:

  • Bold: A Bold move draws attention to you; it’s full of style and panache. Delivering an inspiring speech to your teammates. Embarrassing your opponent in a duel. Showing off with spectacular use of your powers.
  • Careful: A Careful Move is when you pay close attention to detail and take your time to do the job right. Lining up a long-range shot. Attentively standing watch. Picking a face out of a crowd.
  • Clever: A Clever Move requires that you account for complex variables or do something inventive. Looking for an opening in an enemy’s attack. Finding the weak point in a fortress wall. Building a complex gadget.
  • Forceful: A Forceful Move is direct, simple, and often (but not always) violent. Wrestling a giant monster. Blasting a tank. Pressuring someone through intimidation.
  • Quick: A Quick Move requires that you move quickly and with dexterity. Dodging incoming fire. Getting in the first punch. Disarming a bomb as it ticks down to detonation.
  • Subtle: A Subtle move with an emphasis on misdirection, stealth, or deceit. Talking your way out of getting arrested. Picking a pocket. Feinting in a fistfight.

Each Approach is rated with a modifier, such as Forceful +2, Quick +0, or Bold -1. These modifiers are added or subtracted from your roll when you make a Move using that Approach.

Choosing an Approach impacts not only the modifier to the roll, but how the Move actually works and what the response will be from the environment or other NPCs. A Take Down Move using the Subtle Approach behaves differently that one using the Forceful Approach.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that your given modifier in an Approach is relative to your character. A character who has Forceful +2 is not necessarily physically stronger than one who has Forceful +1. The character with lower Forceful may actually have superhuman strength as one of their powers, and could easily beat the one with higher Forceful in an arm wrestling competition. Your Power Profile better defines how strong, fast, tough, or brilliant you are beyond the norm. Your Approach modifier defines how good you are at applying that particular Approach to a Move. The character with higher Forceful in the above example may not have superhuman strength, but they may be more knowledgeable and experienced with how to apply force appropriately and effectively.

When creating a new character, you start with an array of modifiers to assign to your Approaches. These range from one Approach at +2, two at +1, two at +0, and one at -1. An example application of these modifiers could be Forceful +2, Quick +1, Bold +1, Clever +0, Careful +0, and Subtle -1. A character with those Approaches generally favours being direct, confrontational, and doing things as expediently as possible. As a shortcoming, they’re not especially deceptive or stealthy.


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