Aldrich Killian

Documented extranormal abilities: None known. Aldrich Killian is not known to possess any extranormal abilities as of this writing, but SHIELD maintains constantly updated intel on this individual as psych profile indicates he may be exploring transhumanist cybernetic upgrades of his intellect. More intel required.

Aldrich Killian is the CEO of Advanced Idea Mechanics. The man is an impenetrable mystery, maintaining a shroud around his personal life and upbringing. It’s like he barely existed prior to the late 90’s when he created AIM. This makes SHIELD very uncomfortable.

Killian is on the Index because his company has noted ties to international arms deals, is exploring super-soldier programs, and because Killian himself has privately expressed interests in transhumanism and advanced man-machine interface designs. He’s a worrisome individual, an enigma that defies conventional psych profiling.

A confrontation with Killian should be avoided until more intel is gathered.

Aldrich Killian

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