As you acquire XP, you can spend them to make Advancements to your character. Advancements are improvements to your character’s abilities, powers, or other traits.

You mark XP in three possible ways: Failing a roll (rolling 6 or less), unlocking Drives and Drive Moves, and accomplishing Achievements.

Failures: Any time you roll to make a Move and roll 6 or less (a failure), you mark 1 XP. You learn from your failures as much, if not more so, as your successes.

Drives: Unlocking Drives and Drive Moves are detailed in the section on Drives. Each time you unlock a Drive or a Drive Move for the first time, you mark 1 XP.

Achievements: Achievements are special rewards you get over the course of the campaign as determined by the GM, usually for reaching certain story goals or accomplishing amazing feats. When an Achievement is unlocked, everyone in the party marks a number of XP as indicated by the GM, even if they had nothing to do with the situation that unlocked the Achievement.

How you can spend your XP to gain Advancements is detailed below.

Raise an Approach

You can spend XP to increase your Approach modifier. This is a permanent increase, and cannot exceed +3 on a specific Approach. The cost for increasing the Approach varies depending on the amount you are increasing it from and to.

Increase Bond Threshold

You can raise your Bond Threshold by 1 at any time by spending 2 XP.

Expand Power Profile

You can add new uses of your Powers to your Power Profile by spending XP, without needing to Push your Powers. This represents increased training, improved equipment, or other work you do during your downtime to better hone your abilities. You can also move a usage of your powers that was already on your Power Profile to one step easier, for 1 XP less than the cost of adding a new power outright.

Increase Critical Condition Threshold

You can increase the amount of Critical Conditions you are able to withstand before being required to make a Last Chance move. This costs 3 XP, and can only be done once. It adds an extra step of repercussions for having Critical Conditions after the third, causing you to take -3 Ongoing to all moves, and then being forced to take the Last Chance move at 5 Critical Conditions instead of 4.

Break Your Limits

You can remove one of the limitations you placed on your Powers by spending 3 XP. This will require lowering your Bond Threshold by 1, as your increased power makes relating to the world around you more difficult.


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